What I learned

March 21st, 2015

What I learned (from Pro Course)

This summer, I had the opportunity to participate in a two week workshop at Arabesque in Toronto, called Pro Course. This intensive workshop explores the world of being a professional bellydancer. When I decided to take this workshop I knew that it would be an invaluable experience, but I didn’t truly know what I would get out of it.

What I thought I would learn:

I expected to learn many tips and tricks to add to my dancing, great new steps to incorporate into my repertoire, and bits and pieces of history, folklore and performing. Plus, I looked forward to another opportunity to dance with live musicians.

What I learned:

Though I learned all of those things, I also took home something much less tangible than steps and tips. I learned what kind of dancer I want to work to be. I learned the decisions and practices I have to make and implement to further my development as a dancer. My head was so filled with information, thoughts and feelings by the end of the two weeks, I had to put my notebook away let everything digest for a few weeks before I could go back to it, review my notes and start implementing my homework. I also gained a great support system of beautifully talented dancers – women who are all on different paths, but all looking to explore their dancing and push themselves to be better dancers. I feel a responsibility to them and to Yasmina Ramzy (our leader/teacher), to apply what I have learned to honour the experience we had together.

One of the most important things I learned is that bellydance is an ever evolving journey. You do not just take a course and suddenly become a professional bellydancer. Also, being a professional bellydancer is not an end, a stopping point, otherwise you are not a true artist.  My new goal is not to be a “bellydancer”, but to seek knowledge and growth. I’m already a bellydancer, I want to keep making that mean more.