Student Testimonials

The goal of BellyFlow fitness is to create an environment where every women feels welcome and free to express themselves through sensual bellydance movements. We are bringing bellydance into the modern generation by fusing traditional bellydance movements and songs with current hits!

Alecia’s dedication to the studio and to her students shows as each session our students gain confidence in not only their performances but in themselves. Our family is growing every year and we are always welcoming new students!

Our students range in age from 13 – over 50! Bellydance is perfect for women of all ages, shapes, sizes and ability levels! Come and try your first class for FREE!! We offer flexible pricing and schedule options! Come and discover our hidden oasis!

“I expected to learn how to bellydance and keep fit when I signed up for classes at this studio – and I did…  What I did not expect was the confidence I gained from learning and performing new choreographies for other students and the guests at the hafla!

  • These skills have spilled over into other parts of my life and I find myself less reluctant to take on new challenges.  Who knew that dancing could have such an impact on your overall life?” – Rebecca Marriage
  • I feel like a woman again! I’d like to thank Alecia and all the instructors who helped to bring my body and mind back to life after my car accident – they helped accomplish something not even the doctors could do.” – Andrea Miminas
  • I might not be able to do many things still but I can honestly say that thanks to BellyFlow I’m in a much happier and healthier place.” – Lisa Scordino
  • I had always been interested in learning how to belly dance and had looked into taking classes in the past. Unfortunately, lessons were only available in Toronto at the time, so I had to put that aside. I’ve since had children, so a couple of years ago I was looking for something to get me out of the house throughout the week and decided to look for a local belly dance studio. Sure enough I found BellyFlow Fitness and immediately signed up for classes – I’ve been hooked ever since!” – Shannon Bart
  • “It had been at least 25 years since I had joined a fitness class of any sort.  At age 50, being a bit over weight and showing signs of having arthritis in my knee, my doctor advised to become more active”. – Anonymous
  • Joining the local gym was out of the question for me personally.   I joined Belly  1 in December 2009 and it was the best decision I ever made!  Never once did I feel self conscious (which I personally would have felt like at the local gym).  I then enrolled in  the zumba classes and it is the one thing that I look forward to each and every week. It is my stress relieve!   While I may not always keep up with the rhythm and I may look awkward and not so pretty in my attempts to salsa, I am having the best time while there.   Vanessa truly inspires me to keep trying.  She has an infectious smile/laugh which makes you forget that you are actually exercising.   She makes the classes fun!   Now here’s the bonus of it all….I’ve lost 13 pounds since joining. ” – Sandra Dietrich